Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sad bread at Notch8

Notch8 Restaurant & Bar - The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I really, really hate it when I have a great dish, talk it up with friends... but when I drag them there the restaurant lets me down with substandard production.

Notch8 Signature Bread ($7) stout, comte cheese, mustard seed
  • Somehow this didn't feel as fresh out of the oven as last time (was this sitting around for a while and heat lamped?) but still pretty tasty. Would definitely have been better hotter.
  • Can my bread at least stand up straight? Losing marks for presentation here.
  • Pull-apart chunks came free much better this time. Chunks are much more uniform.
2016-Apr-14 Notch8 - Notch8 bread

2016-Apr-14 Notch8 - pull-apart slice of Notch8 bread

Snacks (free)
  • Mid-way through our bread appy two generous free bowls of snacks were brought to our table.
2016-Apr-14 Notch8 - free snacks

They didn't bother to start us with water until we ordered drinks and an appy. I hope this is not a sad new trend among restaurants.
Neither my friend nor myself are drinkers so we went with mocktails.

Sparkling Blackberry Limeade ($8) fresh lime, blackberry syrup, soda
  • Tasted like limeade.
  • I would have liked to stir in the syrup, except all that ice (half my glass?!) made it hard. Duh.
  • $3.50 mocktail at Trattoria is still the champ.
Lacklustre service, poor presentation on the bread and too much ice in an $8 mocktail... Sadly I have to reduce my rating for Notch8. If I'm gonna be charged about $24 (after tax, before tip) for two drinks and an appy, it's got to be better than this.

2016-Apr-14 Notch8 - sparkling blackberry limeade mocktail

This was my friend's Pineapple Cucumber Fizz ($8) mocktail - fresh cucumber, pineapple, lemon soda. I did not ask to try it.

2016-Apr-14 Notch8 - pineapple cucumber fizz mocktail

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