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Kosoo $15 set lunch

Kosoo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Just back from lunch at the tucked-out-of-the-way from Robson street Korean restaurant, Kosoo. They offer an "eleven course" set menu for $15 per person. With minor variation, it is essentially as shown in the photograph they have in the window.

The photograph shows a four (4)-person portion, and most of the pictures in this review are also for four persons. It is possible that if you are just two persons, or just one person, you may get slightly more of some items such as salads.

The set course is prepared for 2 persons at a minimum, but they *may* be able to accommodate you if you want just a single order. I think it depends on whether there are other set menu orders going to the kitchen at the same time, because there is no need to order in pairs. If you are are 3 or 7 persons for example, they can accommodate. It is probably just not labour-efficient to make a single-person order.

Spicy-hot sauces (not super-spicy, but enough to be noticeable)are part of the prep and it is unlikely they allow omissions or substitutions, so be ready.

TIP: Watch for the low-hanging lights!
TIP: Ask for serving tongs for the salads.

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - set menu

  • Served in the shell and sauce already included.
  • Also has a small lemon wedge! Squeeze and discard, although it is not the end of the world if you accidentally slurp it down with the mollusk. (Look! I survived to write this blog post!)
Mushroom Salad
  • Pretty OK but make sure you get some tomato and don't accidentally hog all the mushroom. The mushroom is in convenient clumps so you can be sure to get some.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - oysters, mushroom salad

Bibimbop Ball
  • Good eaten hot.
  • Watch out for hot sauce tucked underneath, especially if you don't want to contaminate your plate with chili before you put other dish items on your plate.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - bibimbop balls

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - inside a bibimbop ball

Kosoo Taco
  • Would be way better if the ingredients were distributed more evenly. Check to make sure all the meat or chili sauce isn't on one side of the taco.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - bibimbop balls

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - Kosoo taco

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - mushroom salad, bibimbop ball (for 1 person)

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - japchae

Japchae portion for one person is quite substantial!

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - Kosoo taco, japchae (for 1 person)

Sweet and Spicy Assorted Sashimi Salad

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - sweet and spicy assorted sashimi salad

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - sweet and spicy assorted sashimi salad

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - miso marinated pork belly with salad and pickle

  • Thankfully served as fillets now instead of a whole fish. Not all pieces are the same size, of course, but the convenience can't be beat. Also comes with individual bowls of rice for everyone.
  • OK tenderness and good moistness. Also strangely a bit on the salty side.
  • Save the rice for the soup.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - mackerel

  • Small portion of kimchi to share. Yeah, they count this as "one course". Yeah, right.
  • Still, if you subtract this as a "condiment", you are still getting 10 courses.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - mackerel, kimchee

Beef Soy Bean Paste Soup
  • I would save the rice for this (if you are even going to finish it because it's a pretty decent meal without the rice) and add it together. Because the soup isn't that great, honestly. Might be an acquired cultural taste or something, though.
  • Not too salty either.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - beef soy bean paste soup

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - beef soy bean paste soup

Matcha Crème Brûlée
  • Where's my burnt sugar top?
  • Creamy and tasty otherwise.
2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - matcha creme brulee

Overall, the menu is tasty though nothing really stood out for me as superlative. Where they get bonus marks is for the friendly staff (only three running the show on the floor but water carafes are always full and they are unfailingly polite); and sheer value for your money. You are getting a lot of courses and a really decent net portion of food for $15, where you might otherwise pay three times as much ordering the same as individual sharing dishes at a tapas or izakaya place.

TIP: Go before they raise the price.

They are typically busy during the 1 PM lunch rush on weekdays. Larger groups can be accommodated and can make a reservation but it's best to get started right at 11:30 AM when they open.

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo

2016-Mar-9 Kosoo - the friendly afternoon shift servers

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