Saturday, March 26, 2016

Caffe Brixton

Caffe Brixton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Whoa, Caffe Brixton is vegetarian! This pub-like place isn't in-your-face advertised as vegetarian, but if you look closely at the menu, it is.

We dropped in tonight when it wasn't super-busy, but they also didn't have a lot of staff on the floor either, so getting water topped up only when we asked might have been a short-staffing issue more than an oversight. Still, for a place that is "seat yourself", I think staff need to be more alert.

TIP: The very-discreetly-tucked-away washrooms are definitely worth a look. If you go into the bigger (handicap stall) one, look closely at the Star Wars wallpaper and you'll notice a misspelling of "Leia".

The music is played pretty loud here!

Tandoori Tofu Naan ($10) caramelized onions, goat's cheese, tandoori tofu, mango chutney, arugula
  • Totally not what I was expecting as they tofu-topped and toasted the naan into a crunchy-at-the-edges flatbread pizza. There's no point calling this a naan anymore.
  • Very light dressing on the arugula. Just enough for you to notice something, without covering up the taste of the arugula itself.
  • Large chunks of mango in the "chutney" means even distribution is sort of tricky. This combined with tofu that tasted bland despite the clear amount of red spicing means many bites of this pizza turned out to be bland bites of tofu.
    • If you like tofu to start with, that probably won't bug you at all. I need helpers for my tofu intake, and I had been hoping the tandoori part and the mango chutney part were going to really help. But nope.
2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - tandoori tofu naan

White Sangria ($4.50) sake, white wine, stone's green ginger wine, coconut juice, lychee, mandarin, aloe, lemongrass
  • I'm not a drinker, so I didn't sample this. But price for portion is really hard to beat! No skimping by giving tons of ice, either!
2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - white sangria

Porcini Bianco ($13) porcini mushroom cream, thinly sliced potato, parmesan, mozzarella, truffle oil, cracked pepper
  • Truffle oil very uneven. Most of it was around the middle right slices. The left side had only unexpected whiffs of that whenever I detected any. In any case, not too strongly truffled, so you don't have to worry about a too-rich aroma if you're not so much into truffles.
  • I didn't read the menu too clearly initially so most of the time I was disappointed by the distinct lack of mushrooms. But the menu does read "porcini mushroom CREAM".
  • Most of the flavour comes from the white cream and cheese, and it is actually tasty.
  • If you can get over the fact that this isn't exactly a loaded pizza (the potato does give it a bit of "meat" / substance) price for portion is on par with something like a Neapolitan from Famoso, for example.
2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - porcini bianco

Eggplant Parmigiana ($13) breaded eggplant baked with mushrooms, on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese
  • Menu says nothing about garlic bread, but you do get two slices of garlic bread with some sort of garlicky paste. I also liked the toasted-till-burnt-but-not-everything-charred garlic on the toast, rather than a more typical buttery garlic toast style. But that's personal preference.
  • The tomato sauce on the spaghetti is not watery or thin, but it tasted that way for some reason.
  • Crusty-crunchy breading on the eggplant stayed crunch for a long time. Just that itself has a comfort-food tasty charm; just don't expect to taste the eggplant so much.
  • Price for portion is pretty good!
2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - eggplant parmigiana

2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - menu 1/2

2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - menu 2/2

2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - thirsty thursday hot dog and beer special

2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - washroom

2016-Mar-25 Caffe Brixton - washroom

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