Monday, March 28, 2016

70% discount at Shoppers Drug Mart!

2016-Mar-28 Shoppers Drug Mart discount on yogurt with expiration date Apr-1 Check out my receipt tonight for yogurt!

I typically go to Superstore under the misconception that Shoppers Drug Mart and everywhere else near Metrotown is generally pricier.
Daunted by the lineups at Superstore, I nipped in just to check yogurt prices, then swung by the nearby 24-hour Shoppers.

Prices were comparable except a few items on sale, and some items on extreme sale! Various yogurts had a special sticker for $1, $2, or $3 off at the till. Apparently, the "catch" is that the yogurt has a best-by date of April 1st. But if you're going to eat it tonight or soon, that's really no problem.

Plus, Shoppers always gives you points whereas Superstore only sometimes gives you points -- depending on whether it is an item marked as giving bonus points for the week, or if you are using their MasterCard.

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