Friday, June 12, 2015

Malay Family at the Shipyards Night Market

Tried two appetizers from the Malay Family food cart at the Shipyards Night Market. Before I go into my review, it bears reminding that every restaurant (and food cart) probably has gems and duds. And yes, sometimes you get two duds in a row. That does not mean the whole establishment needs to be slammed with 1/5 stars on Yelp or what not. It just means someone (like me) has saved you from ordering the wrong thing.

Spring Rolls (5 for $6.30)
  • These were almost as narrow as an El Monterey Taquito, and shorter. The result is a fairly thick layer of spring roll skin (over 2 mm?) and therefore only a narrow amount of vegetarian filling. Basically all you taste is cabbage.
  • The provided sauce is sweet and barely has any spicy kick to it. Nevertheless you will want some so as to have some flavour other than cabbage.
  • Nicely fried -- not oily on the outside.
Curry Puffs (5 for $6.30)
  • A bit smallish. Maybe two = 1 cup in volume.
  • Vegetarian potato curry filling was really decent. No sauce needed.
  • Skin a bit thicker than my mom makes, but OK.
  • Nicely fried -- not oily on the outside.
  • Price for portion is okay.

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