Thursday, June 11, 2015

Uneven tacos at Yaggers

Click to add a blog post for Yagger's on ZomatoSome places have daily food specials, so if there's something you are interested in, or if you feel the regular prices there are daunting, you can try going on a particular day. Yagger's Downtown has a special every day, and on Wednesdays it is Pulled Pork Tacos at $2.29 each with purchase of a drink.

Thanks to my friend B, I got the picture below. I don't normally take pictures. We sneakily took this picture when the server was away. This was one of the very rare times I wanted a picture because it was just so funny at the time that the taco on the left appeared to had much less filling than the ones in the middle and on the right. What probably happened is they all had approximately the same amount of meat underneath the slaw.

2015-Jun-10 Yaggers pulled pork tacos

Pulled Pork Tacos (3 for $10.99) smoked pulled pork, bbq sauce & buttermilk slaw on flour tortillas
  • Tasty for all the wrong reasons: You taste the salty-covered-by-sweetness bbq sauce, and that's about it. Might as well have skipped the slaw.
  • Price is OK and comparable to La Tacqueria and other locations. Here you just get the one flavour, and stronger/saltier than the more authentic tacquerias.
  • Wet: Pulled pork is basically drowned in sauce, so watch out when tipping your taco as leaking is all but guaranteed.
  • The shell is big so the filling looks small, but the amount of filling is actually OK compared to tacquerias that use the smaller, thicker, shell.
    • The big shell actually helps you not make a mess since you can pinch together and fold over the top, making a wrap, thereby limiting spills to either end.
    • If you pinch closer to one end, you can make the end further from you narrower, further making it unlikely the fillings will toothpaste out the far end when you bite.

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