Sunday, June 28, 2015

Joey Restaurant (Brentwood)

Click to add a blog post for JOEY on Zomato After a filling 2 PM afternoon tea at Soffee Café, I was actually not hungry at 8pm when I met up with a couple of friends at Joey near Brentwood Mall.

The location is slightly tricky to find but you can enter through the mall entrance on Rosser Avenue, opposite the grocery store.
Inside, it's really quite dim. Even closer to 10 PM when it started to get dark out, lighting was skimpy at the upstairs patio. Otherwise the place is extensive and first impressions give it nice decor but the dim light makes it hard to get a proper look.

Korean Fried Cauliflower ($10) sweet & spicy korean chili miso, sesame seed
  • When I saw "fried cauliflower" I immediately thought of Nuba's Najib's Special and Jamjar's Makali. What I got was nothing close.
  • Was the cauliflower fried? Maybe, as it was softer than raw cauliflower, but it didn't have the same slightly-chewy softness and browned taste as deep-fried cauliflower. So don't have your hopes up for another version of the Lebanese-restaurant appetizer.
  • Tasted like sweet sauce: The chili miso sauce dominated everything, and that is expected since cauliflower doesn't have a particularly strong flavour and this appetizer doesn't have the deep-fried flavour of the Lebanese version.
  • Sauce really rather sweet, though masked by the spiciness. You'll really taste it when you are down to crumbs of cauliflower swimming in the stuff, so save a couple of bigger pieces for last, to scoop up the sauce -- or simply let the remainder go.
  • As appetizers go, price is okay for portion (about 2 cups of cauliflower?). But I feel it is really too sweet to be tasty and you are basically tasting just the sauce.
Orange Juice ($4.50)
  • I asked if fresh-squeezed juice were available and they said yes, squeeze from actual fruit.
  • I watched them pour this out of a non-descript bottle. It had the same muddy look like Tropicana. I can only assume that the juice was pre-squeezed.
  • Doesn't taste much better than Tropicana so this is not recommended if you demand fresh orange juice squeezed from an orange. Sure doesn't taste like a fresh orange.
Service was good considering our server said they were short-staffed. Noteworthy was how the server automatically divided the cost of one of our party's appetizers by three, probably because she saw that we were all sharing it. Turned out the person who ordered it wanted to pay for the appetizer in full. This one time it "backfired" (probably more fair to say it was unnecessary), but points for the server paying attention to what was going on at our table.

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