Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gypsy Burrito from Gypsy Trunk Gourmet Fare

It's always nice to find lowest-common-denominator food that is tasty. In this case, vegan with gluten-free option food from Gypsy Trunk Gourmet Fare, which I tried at the Shipyards Night Market. They are pretty much the only clearly vegan cart around. For dessert, go into the big warehouse behind the live band and check to see if Vegan Pudding & Co. is there.

The Gypsy Burrito ($12) tortilla (whole grain or rice), Field Roast grain sausage (apple sage, italian, or chipotle), black beans, fresh cooked brown rice, grilled red onion, guacamole, cilantro, Daiya mozzarella, Frank's Hot Sauce, and either dried cranberries or tomatoes
  • Your choice of sausage. With the apple sage, to keep the sweet theme, they ask if you want to sub your tomatoes with dried cranberries.
    • I recommend you ask for this instead of boring tomato, for all your sausage options. Cranberries gives the whole thing an interesting light sweetness that juxtaposes the otherwise savoury item.
  • The wrap is big. Maybe 2 inches in diameter and maybe 8 inches long. Packed dense with rice.
  • I went with the apple sage for the sausage. I didn't find any sausage till 2/3rds of the way through, when I discovered some crumbly khaki coloured thing which I assume was remnants of the sausage.
    • No question the big wrap is filling. The mix of ingredients makes just this content pretty tasty. But for $12 I am expecting more value than that, so it was disappointing to not get any presence of sausage most of the way through. Even after I found it, there was too much rice for the sausage to really do anything.
The other burritos are $10 and you get either black beans or sausage; the rest is the same. For $12, you are getting both black beans and sausage. Since the sausage had no contribution, stick with the regular $10 burritos and ask for cranberries instead of tomato.

At $10, their burritos compete very favourably against gourmet burgers weighing in at $12+ with no sides. Definitely more filling for your money from simply having more filling inside their wraps.

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