Friday, June 5, 2015

More Fusion Wrap roti at the Richmond Night Market

At the official Richmond Night Market (near the River Rock Casino, but you can't do park-and-ride from the casino), stall F92 is More Fusion Wrap.

The basic idea is a wrap, but with a thicker shell using what looks like a green onion pancake, though with more fluffiness like roti prata. As a night market stall, they are under pressure to have a fast turnaround time, so the one I got wasn't properly cooked through, with some parts still gummy on the inside -- so you may want to ask them to please cook it carefully.
The thick wrap helps to make this more of a filling food item than most stalls at the Night Market, so if you want to only have just one thing to eat there, I recommend giving this food stall some consideration not just for portion but for interestingness.

The amount of filling you get is not really impressive, but my Kimchi and Beef with Cheese wrap was really tasty. The kimchi was weak but the beef was very moist and tasty and nicely done.

Rolls are $7, +$1 if you want cheese. I would skip the cheese, though you might want to seriously consider it if you are possibly getting the Ham wrap.

At $7 to $8, it is pricey compared to a big wrap from, say, Einstein Wrap House, but the combination of using the fluffy roti as a shell as well as the tastiness of the ingredients makes up for it.

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