Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cheap lunch at Days Thai

Click to add a blog post for Days Thai on Zomato Days Thai Restaurant is totally nothing special to look at inside or out but taste and portion is really decent for the price: Under $10 lunches after tax and tip.
Apparently there are two cooks: The owner and another cook. My friend who took me there today recommended that when it's not the owner cooking, the food is better. (?)
Fresh basil leaves from live plants in their drinks fridge.

We went in for lunch and it was actually quite busy with the lunch rush and take-out orders. Many lunch specials come with coconut milk steamed rice, and vegetarian spring roll. (The proper kind of older style fat spring roll about 1 inch thick, not the skinny and thick-skinned-thin-filling ones that I'm starting to see at various places, such as Malay Family and Saigon Fare).

L31 Green Curry ($7.95) Green curry cooked with coconut milk, bell pepper, eggplants, sweet basil. Your choice of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or mixed vegetables.
  • Very roughly chopped vegetables (read: large chunks).
  • Rice very nicely done. This is actually noteworthy after so many places that have given me rather sticky rice.
  • One large bowl of rice, one slightly smaller bowl of curry soup, topped with about a bowl worth of mixed vegetables (I opted for the veggie option today).
  • Filling for your money, but if you demand to see a plate with an even higher dish-to-rice ratio, then try the other dishes, such as L40.
L40 Chicken with Basil Leaves ($7.95) Chicken with basil leaves, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper and garlic chili sauce
  • Rated at 2-chili spicy on the menu, same as the Green Curry, but it seemed much spicier (or I happened to get a chunk of chili with the sample my friend shared).
  • Substitution was allowed -- my friend got her chicken swapped with beef at no extra charge.
  • A good amount of thinly sliced beef and mushrooms!
Overall, this is like mom's cooking food, at a great price. Anywhere in Vancouver you'd probably have to pay $12.

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