Saturday, June 6, 2015

Java Jack's at the River Rock Casino

Click to add a blog post for Java Jack's Coffeehouse - River Rock Casino Resort on Zomato Java Jacks's offers so-so prices on food and drinks, but quality is also so-so. If you compare them to Starbucks or Waves and the like, then they are doing comparably with food, but failing on the drinks.

Chocolate Passion Fruit cake ($3.45?)
  • This is the chocolate dome in one of their picture slides on the website.
  • It is gorgeous, complete with silvery sprinkles, a delicate chocolate swirl, and a shiny chocolate "pearl" on top.
  • There is only a small amount of cake inside. The rest is chocolate cream, a goodly sized lump of passion fruit jam, and of course the chocolate dome.
  • It is way too annoying to eat. Everything is so sticky, especially the chocolate dome. Trying to move your plastic knife after you cut into it will immediately mangle it as well as get a quantity of sticky chocolate on the plastic. Don't even try to get a slice with all the flavours together.
  • The difficulty with eating it destroyed the pleasure I had in this.
Roccacino ($3.99? for 12oz)
  • Their version of an iced mocha, I guess.
  • Tasted watery.
  • Bits of ice kept jamming the straw.
  • Only one person out of the two at the counter knew how to properly make it. And shortly after we got our orders, I think she went on break. What would have happened if we had come in after she left on her break?

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