Friday, June 5, 2015

Thai One is Thai High at the Richmond Night Market

Click to add a blog post for Thai One Asian Fusion on Zomato At the Richmond Night Market (the official one with the cartoony ducks, near the River Rock Casino)Thai One Asian Fusion is booth F19, calling themselves "Thai High", with a small selection of their menu.

Moon Prawn Cake ($6)
  • They use the restaurant picture, which is sort of misleading. The actual size of  the "cake" is about six inches in diameter and maybe a bit more than a quarter inch thick.
  • Very thin pancakes (like business card paper thin) of some sort sandwiches prawns together.
  • You get a lot of prawns. Little bit of filler just to paste the prawns together. No cheating here.
  • Because there's so much prawn, there's a nice sweetness to it that I definitely recommend you not use the sweet sauce that comes with it first.
  • For $6, this is just an appetizer portion.
  • Plain, but tasty. Get this if you really like prawns. Otherwise you might feel "cheated" by its plainness.
Crispy Spicy Chicken ($6)
  • When it just comes out hot and fresh, the skin is very crispy -- sometimes too crispy to pierce with a toothpick!
  • Generous with the watery, flavourful sauce.
  • Nice, moist, chicken.
Thai One / Thai High serves up really tasty appetizer portions at the Richmond Night Market for a pretty decent price.

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