Sunday, December 6, 2015

Miss Saigon grand opening 25% off

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Almost failed to dine at Miss Saigon tonight because the door was stuck and we thought it was closed! They have been open for just two days and "this week" there is a 25% discount Grand Opening special. Our server said "next week" it would be down to 20% off.

Although they are very new, I was happy to see they were already listed on Yelp and Zomato (possibly by the owners), saving me the hassle -- especially on Zomato, where it can take admin a while to verify a new restaurant.

Even without the 25% off Grand Opening special, price for portion is really decent (prices below do NOT include the 25% off Grand Opening special). A large bowl of phở (it only comes in one size) was under $10. They even have a "no meat" phở for $5. I didn't get that but presumably it is just broth with noodles and basic garnishes.
  • Special phở ($8.50) comes with "everything" (NOT)
    • When I asked the server what it came with, he said "everything". Really? Turned out, no.
      • Initially it came with thinly sliced rare beef still cooking in the hot broth. (Noodle pictures below, first and second).
      • When I asked the server to double check, he came back from the kitchen and apologized, saying more toppings were coming, whereupon he brought a smaller bowl of broth and some more types of meat (picture 3; picture 4 is of all meats mixed together in the main bowl) -- looked like a different cut of beef, shredded intestine (?), and some sort of firm and slightly sweet meatball.
    • If you order the special, ask first what it contains. They are really new so it may not be exactly the same as what I got. No way it comes with "everything" though.
    • Tasty broth, huge portion. Even without the grand opening discount ($8.50) this is a good price for portion as far as phở goes.
  • Steamed Dumpling ($7) with pork and shrimp served in banana wrapping
    • By "banana wrapping" they meant banana leaf.
    • The "dumpling" is more like a kinda sticky dough possibly from rice flour or tapioca flour. Very similar to Singapore Oyster Omelette (or luak) minus the egg.
    • Token filling of strangely orange shrimp and chunks of ham.
    • Interesting to try, but not that tasty and at basically $1 a piece, not really worth it unless you really like the novelty.
  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken on Steamed Rice ($9) served with green salad and carrot pickle
    • My friend asked for the rice to be substituted with vermicelli and they allowed it with no fuss.
    • Tender, tasty grilled chicken. None of the provided hoisin sauce was necessary.
Overall, price for portion was good and food was tasty (or in the case of just the chicken, very tasty). Nothing adventurous here, and points for a dinner under $10.
We were too full to try any of the desserts, which include the currently popular shaved ice.

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - steamed dumplings

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - special pho 01

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - special pho 02

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - special pho 03

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - special pho 04

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon menu

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - awning

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - grand opening special

2015-Dec-6 Miss Saigon - wall art

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