Monday, December 21, 2015

Red Rooster broasted chicken

Red Rooster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Red Rooster is kind of a dilapidated looking hole-in-the-wall. You know, what many Chinese restaurants look like.
They use broasting (a trademarked combination of pressure cooking and frying) to give you "fried" chicken. If you know only KFC, then it will be disappointing for the inferior crispiness of the skin. Also, I found it less juicy than fried-in-four-minutes chicken, from KFC or nearby LA Chicken.
Still, there is really no comparison because the styles are too different. When you go, just try to turn off your expectations and try something new.

Portion is atrocious. When did chicken parts shrink? Or does KFC have dibs on big fat chickens?

5-piece Combo ($15.49) is for five pieces legs/thighs, macaroni salad (it's the only kind, apparently), and fries.
  • Fries are actually really decent! And dusted with the same curry-ish spice as on the chicken. Spicing is quite nice but a bit mild / tame for my personal taste. Not just straight salty, though, which is nice.
  • We at our chicken pretty much right when it came out. Missing the same crispy fun as "regular" fried chicken. More like what you can do at home without any fancy coating on your chicken.
  • Meat didn't seem to be as juicy as freshly fried KFC. Skin also seemed less oily.
  • Macaroni salad was sort of... bland and yuck. We didn't finish it. TIP: Don't buy the combo. Just go for chicken only.
  • Choice of pop comes with your combo. I picked the weirdest one, which was a Pakistani cream soda. It's green. It's also normally $1.50, which is the priciest soda they have in the fridge.
Unlike KFC, it takes about 20 minutes per order, IF there are no orders ahead of you. They have to prep the chicken with some marinade/coating first, and their broaster only handles 20 pieces at a time and it takes 15 minutes to fry.
You might be the only one in the store at the time but they could be handling called-ahead pickup orders so potentially your wait could be in excess of 30 minutes.

TIP: If you want white meat, there is an option to replace dark with white for 15 cents per.

TIP: Pay when you order, like any other fast-food place. They invite you to pay after you eat, like a sit-down restaurant. But it's all too easy to accidentally do a dine-and-dash because you think you are in just another fast food place.

2015-Dec-17 Red Rooster - 5pc combo

2015-Dec-17 Red Rooster - Pakola - pakistani cream soda

2015-Dec-17 Red Rooster - menu and money from around the world

2015-Dec-17 Red Rooster - wall art

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken (top), Red Rooster (bottom)

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