Monday, December 21, 2015

LA Chicken

L.A. Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Hilariously close to Red Rooster, the other best-fried-chicken-in-Richmond contender, is LA Chicken. Looks more like KFC chicken. Super crispy skin. Eat it right away and it's sooo juicy. Like dripping wet juicy. Winner.

Unless chickens have shrunk since the last time I had KFC, the size of the legs and thighs seemed... smallish.

I tried only the spicy chicken, and it was OK for spiciness. You get a bit of spicy-heat aftertaste. Otherwise, seemed to be just like "regular" fried chicken.

Try to order tubs. 2 pieces for $6.60 works out to over $3 per piece. With bigger orders you can get it under $2 per piece, which puts it on par with KFC. Still, for sheer amount of meat, it beats a burger.
Don't go for "snacks" or combos. 2-piece snack is $8, which means your fries are $1.40.

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken menu 1

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken menu 2

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken menu 3

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken menu 4

2015-Dec-17 LA Chicken (top), Red Rooster (bottom)

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