Monday, December 14, 2015

Wine fondue at The French Table

The French Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I had a black winter jacket on ('cause it was cold!) and black toque and black jeans. Hardly dressy casual on the outside but definitely not trashy or looking like a bum. Nevertheless I was met at the door by an older man who walked up very close (as in, inside your private space bubble close), with arms crossed and a voice tone that challenged me to be in his restaurant. WTF? Fortunately I was part of a reservation.
Never have I felt this sort of turn-you-away-at-the-door "welcome" before anywhere, even in Vancouver, though I've seen it happen to my very casually dressed friend at Jules Bistro in Gastown.

My friend convinced me to try their Burgundy Beef Fondue claiming that the amount of meat was way more than pictured online. It is $36 online but $38 in the restaurant and you must have a minimum 2-person order.
I haven't felt so ripped off on meat since Wildebeest's tiny meat portion on their supposed 32-oz ribeye for $93. The portion of meat in the picture online (and in my pictures below) is for TWO PERSONS. Yes, that small bowl of meat is $78.

They give you a lot of mayo in five flavours, which you could spend on the potatoes and bread. If you insist on throwing your money away at this restaurant, keep asking for bread and potatoes to fill you up and use up the mayo. We weren't charged for extra potatoes and bread but we had to ask. Make sure you stop before they actually charge you money for cheap carb filler on top of your $76.
TIP: Go to the Keg and get your meat there instead.

As for beef in a wine fondue -- Waste of time. It comes out of the fondue pot more or less tasting like beef. Also the small chunks of beef cook pretty fast, so don't leave your beef in there forever or it'll be pretty tough when it comes out.

For dessert we tried two smallish slices of their pies ($9 each) -- pear and almond; and lemon. Both were decent, but not at $9. Sorry. Maybe $8 if you are in Yaletown. Which you are not. More like $6 at the most given the size.

They also have Crepe Suzette ($10) swimming in sauce and melted ice cream but no fire at the table. Pass on that too.

2015-Dec-13 French Table wine fondue for TWO

2015-Dec-13 French Table pie desserts

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