Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joe Fortes Mini Burgers

Click to add a blog post for Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House on Zomato I've been to Joe Fortes several times for Happy Hour (2013, 2015) though I haven't blogged all my visits. Since I've tried so many items, I figured this time, in addition to various orders, I'd try their sliders.

Joe's Mini Cheese Burgers (3 for $7.95) cheddar cheese, pickles, coleslaw
  • McDonalds has burgers that taste better than these sliders.
  • The patty is... mediocre. Dunno why they even bother putting this on the menu. You get a thin slice of cheddar, a slice of pickle, and honestly that's all I can remember when I peeked in the burger.
  • Still, you get 3 sliders for $7.95. Which works out to more than 1 burger patty of meat. Shove the coleslaw into your mini-burgers to make them more acceptable.
  • Go to a real burger place, like Sliders on West Broadway, to get really decent sliders. Go to McDonald's if you insist on mediocre burgers. But leave the sliders at Joe Fortes alone.
Everything else from the happy hour menu was, however, good to really good as usual. Prawn Tacos still ace.

They were also very aggressive about seating. We were in shortly before 4pm and the four of us got a tiny strip of bar. They were going to try to jam us four, plus another 2 couples (total 8 persons) in there, but we had too many orders and eventually they did move us to a table when one became available.
In the meantime, they brought out food as it was prepped from the kitchen, but there was simply no table space. One of the servers essentially urged us to quickly divvy up items on one of the serving plates so she could clear it and make room for another.

Happy Hour isn't really geared for parties. I think they are expecting couples who just order one or two things and are done quickly. Not the best dining experience, I have to say, but they were slammed even at 4pm and with a lineup in the waiting area, so I think they are moving people quickly so others aren't kept waiting too long.

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