Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Catfe a great place to meet girls

Catfe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato As a cafe, Catfe is OK. It has minimal space and minimal seating on the no-cats side. Broad tea menu ($3.30 for a Starbucks Grande sized cup) but the one I got that had seaweed didn't taste or smell seaweedy... Anyway, be sure to get two sleeves because one definitely wasn't enough against the heat of the cup. Coconut water (canned), coffee, and other beverages available, as well as a minimal selection of snacks (making it sub-par if you are looking for a place to have a light meal).

Obviously the draw here is to be the cats, and you better go in with expectations properly set because otherwise you will feel you wasted $5 on the ENTRY FEE (on top of the hassle of making a reservation and signing a waiver before you go in). Yes, you have to pay to see the cats.

TIP: Adopt a stray cat (Free). Or go to a petting zoo (costs you lettuce but you can grope any animals that come into range).
TIP: Might as well pick up a free Catfe pin at the counter where you sign the waiver.
TIP: You have to wash your hands. They have a pile of paper towels that get all wet because people splash water on it moving from faucet to paper towel pile. Bring your own towel?

It is $5 to see the cats, or $8 if you don't buy anything. So you might as well get a tea or something while you spend an hour hoping to spend time with a cat. HOPING. When I went, there were way more humans than cats (5 cats total, 3 in hiding), and at 5pm the cats were basically more interested in sleeping than being molested by humans.
You can't wake them or pick them up -- that's part of the rules.
So... Catfe is NOT like temporarily having a cat as a pet. You will not necessarily get any cat time, especially if other people are more keen on chasing after them with toys to play with them and there are more humans than cats. Maybe that's why you get an hour -- somewhere in there, you might get a turn with the cats. Maybe. Big maybe.

In case you are done early or have had enough of waiting and want to bail before your hour-long appointment is over, you can NOT tag in someone who does not have a reservation. I was told it "doesn't work that way". You could still try it -- maybe ask if you can if the person also pays the $5 entry fee? I mean, if the limit on humans isn't exceeded, why not, right?

They are booked till January and are max 16 persons at a time (plus staff). Not sure what the maximum number of cats in residence will be, but I'm betting not that many. Or maybe not yet. The space is small enough as it is for that many humans.

When I went, the patrons with the cats were either girls, or the few boyfriends dragged there by their girlfriends. So, it's a great place to meet girls. Not necessarily cute girls, but hey, they are animal lovers (points!) and cat lovers (bonus points). You might be #2 in their life once they adopt a cat, but that'll probably work out in your favour.

My recommendation is to wait till they finish their shakedown cruise and operate more smoothly.
In the meantime, you can go to the cafe and just watch how things operate from the no-cat side. And maybe shop some cutesy cat merchandise, which is bizarrely on the cat-side but you can probably still sneak in and say you are looking at the merchandise only. Under no circumstances should you pay $5 to shop.

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