Monday, December 28, 2015

Brie-osh Baked Brie - Pecans and Caramel

Picked up a packet of Nuvo Gourmet Brie-Osh - Pecans and Caramel from Superstore. I've bought brie before, but my mom never fooled around with doing anything "fancy" with it, possibly because she didn't know how. So I got this in the hopes that she'd get the idea and maybe try it on her own.

Pecans on top (as in the picture) NOT included.

Bread is sweet and looks basically baked for you.

On the inside, it is a cake of brie sitting on a tasty-sweet mixture of pecans and caramel. It's so basic you might as well not buy this and just use whatever you have at home. That was my MISTAKE NUMBER 1.

MISTAKE NUMBER 2 was following the baking instructions. After the indicated 30 minutes at 250°F on "Bake" in my toaster oven, the cheese still hadn't melted in the least and was still cool when I cut it in half. I turned my oven on Toast at 250°F and left it in there for an additional 30 minutes. Cheese still only barely melted (see picture of two halves).
At this point I gave up and shelved half for experimentation later. I took the other half and popped it in the microwave for 1 minute on "HI" heat. The cheese mostly melted all over the place. Scooped it back and cut it into four wedges.

Barely enough pecan and caramel to go around.

Next time, I'm gonna just buy my own brie, cut it open, slather it with marmalade, sit it on a slice of expendable bread, and nuke it in the microwave.

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - Pecans and Caramel

Brie-Osh ingredients

Brie-Osh instructions

Brie-Osh nutrition facts

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - pecans and caramel

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - pecans and caramel - side

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - pecans and caramel (bottom)

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - pecans and caramel - baked 60 minutes

Brie-Osh Baked Brie - pecans and caramel - microwaved

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