Monday, December 21, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Adonia

Adonia Tea House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato After a screwup at Provence, we called around for another afternoon tea place, and Adonia Tea House let us squeeze in. It's a tiny place, so it was really quite a squeeze -- small couch plus two chairs, and food and tea onto two small tables and nearby side tables. So the presentation was a bit mixed (and my friend cut up the scones before I could get a picture).
Decor and ambiance is nice for afternoon tea despite the cramped room, and they have many interesting and elegant pieces if you look around carefully.

Tea for three had basically just the sandwiches same for everyone. Everything else was one-of-a-kind, so if you insist on trying everything, you'll have to nimbly cut and scoop a bit off everything. This is very non-standard for most afternoon teas I've had (except Soffee Cafe so far). Some people might not like it but I am more easy going and appreciate the choice it offers.

Bottom tier ham sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches had the contents beautifully laid out but were otherwise really rather boring. Which is not a huge deal since they are light fillers. However, this set the tone, and I'm probably being biased with my experience of my afternoon tea.
What looked like butter accompanying the jam was actually more like sweet cake icing, and I thought that was a nice touch.
The sweets strangely tasted like it came from a store, but since they have a chef and kitchen back there, it is unlikely to be the case. I can't exactly put my finger on why they were strangely disappointing, but maybe it's the subtle things: Like the mini cupcakes being rather firm and a bit dry. Or the cheese mini-quiches being so wet on the inside. Or the scones having a fairly decent buttery aroma, but not so much in taste.
It's also possible that it was a rush job because we just parachuted in with maybe a 30-minute warning on our reservation.

They are skimpy on Afternoon Tea details on the website, and the pricing is off ($29 instead of $27 on the website). I counted 11 pieces on our full Afternoon Tea set.

I did very much like the teapots and the special lower lip on the spout which helps tea pour with no messy dribbling, which can happen with other spouts that do not have this feature.

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - afternoon tea for 3 persons, scone and creams trays

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - teapot and tea set

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - afternoon tea for 3 persons, main tray, picture 1 of 2

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - afternoon tea for 3 persons, main tray, picture 2 of 2

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - tea list

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - clocks with the incorrect time

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - teacup display

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - one of several sexy ladies

2015-Dec-20 Adonia - no idea what this says

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