Friday, December 4, 2015

Soffee Café Demi Tea x2

Soffee Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato My friend wanted to try Soffee Café so back I went. Had the full afternoon tea set at Soffee previously, so I opted for just the lighter demi tea this time.
I was very surprised they remembered me from about 6 months ago! And possibly for that reason, our tea sets each got a bonus macaron. Or maybe because I was taking pictures this time -- which is why I try to be sneaky about taking pictures, or (more typically) I don't do it at all. Still, everyone tells me it's the new normal. I'm undecided about how much it might alter service or taint a review.

The demi tea is of course lighter than the full tea, so it works out to be about half a lunch, or a lunch for smaller appetites. Strangely, the standout today for me was the crème brûlée.
I also opted to try their "fresh fruit tea", which is +$5.95 for a naturally caffeine-free "12hr slow brew" of fresh tropical fruits. Looked like a mix of mostly orange with some lime (?) and a raspberry.
Tasted like fresh orange juice served hot. Interesting to have but I don't think it's really worth an extra $6.

Our two demi tea sets were slightly different in the sweets, but fortunately my teatime partner and I didn't go to war over the mini chocolate tart. This may or may not be your experience, but it certainly gives you the option of seeing more variety in the tea set and doing some trading if you like certain items more.

The out-of-the-way spot is still a great room for a quiet, elegant, dignified afternoon tea. Decor is beautiful, like Martha Stewart's drawing room. Even the bathroom is very cosy, complete with romantic lighting, soothing potpurri, and even a couple of magazines.

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - demi tea starter

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - demi tea 2

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - demi tea 1

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - fresh fruit tea

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - partial tea menu

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - sample teacup and saucer

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - sample teacup

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - hall leading to bathroom

2015-Dec-4 Soffee Cafe - bathroom

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