Saturday, December 5, 2015

Go only in fours to The Mackenzie Room

The Mackenzie Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The Mackenzie Room offers an "I Want It All" menu that is basically everything on the "always changing" menu -- all appetizers, all mains, all desserts.

When we went last night, our menu was:
  • $8 Veggies from the Garden
  • $13 Showstopper Salad
  • $11 Filled with Neglect
  • $12 The Root of All Evil
  • $5 Meat & Bread
  • $14 Heads + Tails Terrine
  • $18 Bone, Tongues & Harmony
  • $28 Spain in December
  • $29 Family Jowls
  • $25 Turketta
  • $26 Don't Forget the Gremolata
  • $7 Dirty South Pie
  • $9 Toffee Pudding
Total if purchased separately is $205.
To have "I Want It All", you must have at least four persons and it costs $51 per person.
For four persons, the total is therefore $204 -- basically, no savings compared to buying everything individually.

We were five persons. We got the SAME PORTIONS. That is, we got one of everything as if we were four persons.
But our total bill was $255. Ripped off.

I honestly do not believe the dishes were up-sized for the 5th person, after comparing our bone marrow dish with that of our neighbours, and counting the number of mussels (4) in the paella-like "Spain in December" (?).

Since the menu changes frequently, there's no point in really reviewing the individual dishes, although best of the bunch for me had to be the bone marrow (Bone, Tongues & Harmony $18) as it was more than just the fatty marrow but some beef tongue and a really sweet glaze/sauce, and served with really decently done foccacia bread.
As for the rest, salads and veggies were good, mains were OK. Max 3/5 stars for tastiness.

Price for portion is already high, but for the meaty mains it was even more so. We're talking hotel-restaurant pricing, minus the fancy hotel amenities and ambiance. Example: A "turketta" slice of white meat slightly bigger than pack of cigarrettes had nicely tender meat... but $25?

Even if you accept the price, go only in whole groups of 4 to get correct value for your money.

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 01

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 02

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 03

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 08

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 07

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 04

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 05

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 06

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 09

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 10

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 11

2015-Dec-4 Mackenzie Room 12

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