Monday, July 27, 2015

Slowest burgers ever at the Cannibal Cafe

Click to add a blog post for The Cannibal Cafe on Zomato The Cannibal Café is diner style long-and-narrow place with a single very long 12-seater communal table in the back.

7pm reservation for a large party, so naturally we can't expect plating the entire table to be easy. *Some* food hit the table early and so maybe 1/3rd of the table finished their burgers first. At around 8:25 pm I got my burger in the second wave of orders -- OVER 1 HOUR LATER. Can't remember when the final orders reached the remainder of our party, but it was quite a while.
Our server explained that the kitchen grill could only handle so many patties at the same time. You can decide how legitimate an excuse this is.
If you decide the wait is intolerable, you can run over to Red Burrito nearby and eat something become coming back to waiting for your meal. (No, I'm serious. Someone in our party had success with this).

Gluten-free people can get their burger with no bun. So if you got a "Classic Jr." burger, that's just a patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and sauces on the side. Yeah, it looks weird. And it also looks really sad for basically $7 with no side.

Milkshake Mondays are probably the best way to get your money's worth as the burgers are pricier than Romer's Burger Bar by a couple of dollars, but with slightly less interesting ingredients. A Milkshake is normally $5.49. You get that free on Mondays if you buy your burger with a side, that can be as cheap as $1.95 for the basic Hand-Cut Fries (which had a whiff of something that may have been lard?). Oddly, you couldn't order a pricier full-blown appetizer in lieu of a Burger Side to fulfil the Milkshake Monday combo.
If you can handle their multi-patty "The Beast" burger, that is also probably a good way to get your money's worth.

Yam Fries ($3.95)
  • Very strange by being salty! Yes, these naturally sweet fries were salted, and not just a little.
Chocolate Milkshake ($5.49)
  • OK. Felt overpriced considering what you can get for less at Red Robin or McDonalds.
Burger of the Month - Chicken Coleslaw Revivial ($14.95) BBQ chicken patty, Lexington red slaw, bacon, smoked cheddar, apple bourbon jam
  • Price was NOT written on the chalkboard. Weighs in at $1 more than their priciest Specialty Burgers.
  • Mainly what I tasted here was the apple bourbon jam. Everything else was blah and their flavour sort of covered up. Overall tastier and more interesting than a non-gourmet burger, but not by much. This particular burger on par with something like Red Robin.
  • Standard issue bun with the glossy brown top was really, really decent and nicely toasted.
  • The special ingredient makes it a sort-of gourmet burger, but it loses points on price, especially considering their location.
Full house till 9pm or so, when things started quieting down. Very noisy (even without music playing) all the way through. Two big TVs in the back.
Kitchen overwhelmed, staff run ragged. I actually saw at least one party walk out as they never (?) got serviced after a long time (?).
Skimped on my tip as the only real way to tell management the situation was silly--They understaff and have more seats than the kitchen can handle. In retrospect, it really wasn't the server's fault, but how else do you vote with your dollars?

Funny lil' aquarium toys are available. There are buttons to jet water within the aquarium, causing little bits to gush toward other moving parts. For ages 3+. Ask for one!

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