Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fast turnover at Sal y Limon

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Sal y Limón has a basically clean space but once it gets busy (around 6pm, maybe peaking at around 7pm or so) clearing tables becomes slower. This is in part due to the mess people tend to make eating the finger foods. Tons of used napkins all over the place.
Clean-up is actually not so bad to do yourself, so if you need to secure several seats together, you can clear the tables yourself (there are tubs for dishes near the self-serve cutlery station) and wipe down the top with napkins.
Otherwise, if you prefer to wait, table turnaround time is usually pretty fast. Don't be daunted by the lineup. Their nearby competition (Los Cuervos Taqueria Y Cantina) is just as busy and supposedly just as good, so pick a line and stick with it instead of jumping around.
Table spacing is actually pretty decent with space to move and movable tables.

TIPS: Examine the menu and nominate someone to place your group order. This keeps the lineup from inflating. The others in your party can steadily accumulate tables and seats so you can all sit together.
You pay at the counter, but don't forget a modest tip because there is table service.
After you make your order, if you are dining in, you are given a number. Your food is NOT guaranteed to come in the same order as the lineup -- people who ordered after you may get their order first. Probably due to whatever optimization of similar orders the kitchen needs to do.

Washrooms look strangely cleaner and classier than the location, thanks to the tiling on the wall. Check them out!

Everyone in our little dining group got tacos and burritos, so naturally I had to get something different: Tortas.
The menu is very modular at Sal y Limón: Choose your food type, choose your fillings, and choose your condiment (optional). They have a lot of options, which is very nice.

Food types: torta (fat burger using an oblong toasted bun; a lot of veggies), huaraches (fillings on big, flat, fried dough), quesadilla (fillings in a folded tortilla, sort of like a crêpe but typically a bit fatter), burrito (fat roll with fillings plus a lot of rice and veggies), taco (two small tortillas maybe 5" wide, with fillings).

If you just want to eat fillings, without being too full from carbs and veggies, then tacos are the way to go. Also a great way to try many types of fillings. (Note the online menu is not complete and lacks a couple of fillings not on the in-store paper menu).
The other options give you a very filling portion for your price, but a lot of it will be rice, veggies, maybe beans.
TIP: If you are going to get a drink, go for the combo which gets you a drink (normally around $2) and a small side. The coleslaw is quite nice, with a creamy sweetness to it that was somewhat coconutty.

I recommend you use condiments only if you want to add some heat to your food (and some items are already spicy-hot, like their spicy pork. If you add too much, you will overwhelm the flavour of the fillings, so less is more here.

Super Marinara (sp?) Torta ($10.50)
  • Not on their online or paper menus yet, but watch for it posted in the store.
  • The torta was maybe 1/5 filling, 2/5 bun, 2/5 veggies including the occasional pepper that can surprise you with a sudden but not-too-hot spicy bite.
  • Portion is like getting two big burgers.
  • Filling is breaded and fried fish and prawns (?). Hard to tell what is what, but it doesn't matter because it's definitely inferior to their non-breaded meat fillings (and about $1-$2 more than other tortas). Give this a pass.
  • Tough to eat without stuff falling out all over the place.
Churros ($3?)
  • They ran out of tres leches cake and subbed two sticks of churros instead.
  • About 12 inches long, 3/4 inch thick, deep fried, generously drizzled with chocolate (that typically just falls to the bottom of the tray, so use a knife to scrape it up), and with something creamy inside.
  • Pretty decent, but you should eat it right away when it's still hot. Sadly, it comes with whatever else you ordered, so by the time you save it for dessert, it gets cold and not-that-good.
Price for portion is good, but as with many things, as portion goes up, carbs and veggies make up the bulk of it. Still, this is cheap eats and decent.

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