Saturday, July 25, 2015

Icy Bar a great place to hang out

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Smallish place that gets really busy at night around 6pm till closing. But if you go too early (around Saturday at noon, for example) they may be out of various items (like their supposedly famous mango pancake) from being wiped out during the late night service the day before.

Mixed Icy
  • You get about 1 cup of each topping you ask for. For 50 cents, you can apparently double the portion of one topping.
  • Your huge plate is basically a lot of ice, which is boring unless you squeeze a lot of condensed milk on it. You can have as much condensed milk as you can squeeze out of the squirt bottle (with three nozzles!).
  • Price is not bad for the amount of non-ice you get. But as desserts go... it's cold jellies and fruit.
  • Great for sharing. This is key.
Potted Plant
  • Layers of cream and whatever filling you asked or (e.g., durian).
  • One smallish cup filled to the brim and topped with some brown dust (chocolate, I hope). Supposed to have a little mint plant on top (hence "potted plant") but I got strawberry instead.
  • Cute-ish presentation but overpriced for what you get.
  • Could be colder! If your friend has ordered an icy, steal some of their shaved ice and use their condensed milk squirt bottle.
There is utterly nothing special here about the Mixed Icy. But as far as places to hang out go, this is great:
  • Dessert portion compared to a restaurant is huge. So four people can easily while away time picking at it, as compared to maybe a single slice of cake downtown that would disappear quickly, plus you would want a drink to go with it (here, your "iced water" is right in the dessert!).
  • Great non-alcoholic alternative that is also cheaper than everyone getting their own bubble tea.
Food is boring. But as a CHEAP hangout place for 4-6 persons, it's great. Don't bother coming here alone.

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