Sunday, July 5, 2015

Very filling meals at Cazba

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It's busy and with good reason: Price for portion is really good. In some ways, Cazba is like Chinese take-out noodles. You get some toppings on a ton of noodles. Except here, it's rice. For $12 or so you can be stuffed.

Not much of a patio in terms of view, but you can sit outside in an enclosed space if you like, with reasonable privacy from pedestrians.

Inside it's somewhat dim and OK. Nothing too special except for some interesting statuary and lamps, but they really didn't pretty up the space so much. Plus, there's so much server and diner traffic there's not that much they can do.

Fesenjoon ($11.99 +$1 for half garden salad / half rice) Stew made with Pomegranate , Walnuts and Chicken Served with Basmati Rice; vegetarian option (no chicken) possible at no extra charge
  • I went for the vegetarian option here.
  • Very sweet stew! Quite delicious though so sweet you do really want to temper it by mixing it into your rice. Even so, I really only needed less than half the stew provided as there was so much rice.
  • The menu indicates it costs $1 for a substitution. The server offered to change half or all the rice to salad, but did not mention price; I decided to go with it, and sure enough, it cost $1. Technically not a secret charge, but it would have been nice if she mentioned it.
    • Even though it costs $1, rice is heavier than salad, so I would seriously consider it, as even just the half portion of rice remaining made for a very filling meal.
  • Some people who tried some of my stew mentioned the walnut, but it didn't come through for me.
Tahdeeg ($6.99 Large) Crispy Rice served with your choice of Ghormeh Sabzi Stew or Gheymeh Stew; half-and-half of the stew is possible at no extra charge
  • Sounded interesting, but in the end... not so much. Neither stew really made a difference for me.
  • Crispy rice part looks like the slightly burnt stuff at the bottom of your rice booker.
  • Large portion can be a light to medium meal all on its own.
Doogh ($1.75 glass) Yogurt and water with mint, salt, and pepper. Bottled version may be carbonated.
  • Reminded me of the ayran I had at Anatolia Express but not as salty/sour.
  • Strangely, it grows on you though it might initially be horrible.
  • There's mint? Pepper?
Persian Tea ($?)
  • Apparently they do not have barley sugar, which the Persians in our group insisted was necessary for proper Persian Tea.
They don't take reservations, but if you have a large group you can arrive early and ask for them to accommodate you. What they will probably do is start blocking off sections where they will seat people last, so your party can sit together. If they run out of other seating, they'll have to take unused tables and seats from "your section" if all your guests haven't arrived.

We had a large party and a thankfully patient server. With over 20 people, some water requests got lost, but I think otherwise things went fairly smoothly. Large-group auto gratuity was only the standard 15% instead of the more common 18%.

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