Friday, July 10, 2015

Chambar Medieval Feast

Got too much money? Hate pigs? Love bacon? You may be interested in Chambar's National Belgian Day Medieval Feast ($94.40 tickets here).

  1. Spicy pig ear salad
  2. Head cheese terrine, pickled cabbage
  3. Rum and lemongrass caramelized pork neck
  4. Black pudding sausage, crackling, camembert
  5. Tamarind-glazed baby back ribs
  6. Lomo, burrata, sun gold tomatoes
  7. Pulled pork Vietnamese sub
  8. Pork hock consomme, sweet peas
  9. Friseee salad, smoked bacon-wrapped prunes
  10. Pig feet spring rolls
  11. BBQ porchetta, roasted corn chimmy churry
  12. Bacon ice cream sandwiches

2015-Jul-21 Chambar National Belgian Day Medieval Feast

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