Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wishes + Luck

Click to add a blog post for Wishes & Luck on Zomato Been curious about Wishes+Luck since my friend J of rated it highly earlier this year.

Place is small. Seating is tight. There is bar-style seating just parallel to the entry ramp, and no shortage of hooks for purses and jackets. Small bit of patio seating. Tables for two are sort of tight on space. No cloth napkins, so don't make a mess. One paper napkin is standard issue per seat, pre-issued on the table. Depending on what you order, you may want more right away.

Sadly, they have an equally good and popular neighbour in Jamjar, so if you can't get into one, you can't count on the other as a backup plan. Fortunately Commercial Drive has no shortage of eateries.

Dropped in for a late-ish lunch. They are apparently busy during the 11am-12.30pm lunch rush, then starting around 6pm again for the dinner rush through till closing for the late-night crowd. Strangely not that busy Fridays and Saturdays (all this according to my server and memory) when they quiet down around 9-ish pm.

Afternoon server was a friendly, smiling totally sexy guy with a honey voice. Ladies -- the man's working and not interested in giving you his number, okay?

Tuna XO ($13) wild-caught albacore, shishito peppers, grains, XO sauce
  • As usual I asked for what was interesting and weird. This was the first suggestion. Didn't sound really wow but I went for it. Turned out really decent!
  • Works out to a light meal. Looks like a salad, but slightly more filling with quinoa all over the place.
  • Little dark-golden-coloured lumps here and there which are strangely not that flavourful are probably evidence of XO Sauce in the dish.
  • TIP: There is something that looks like softened butter at the very bottom of your bowl, covered by everything. Dig for it and mix it into the quinoa. Adds a touch of sourness to everything. Don't leave it for last. Caveat: They *may* have just forgotten to mix it into the quinoa on my order. Fluke?
  • Soft slices of tuna like you might get in a sushi restaurant.
  • Roasted shishito peppers barely have any heat to it, and has some slightly bitterness. Not exactly yucky to eat, but pointless. Eat it with something, like the quinoa maybe.
    • Apparently only 1 in 10 peppers have heat to them, so I guess it's sort of a lucky (?) draw.
    • TIP: Could totally have used either a small plate or another napkin because I didn't feel like eating the long-ish stems on the chillies. But I had nowhere to put them except right on the tabletop.
Sadly I went alone on this trip so I didn't get to try too many items. Will obviously have to go back for some of the items recommended  by J.

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