Friday, July 24, 2015

Something for everyone at Tangent Café

Click to add a blog post for Tangent Cafe on Zomato Tangent Café offers quite a variety of food from Malaysia or "the West" -- enough to safely say there is something safe and familiar for everyone. "Safe" is a good word to describe the food as there is nothing extreme here -- probably nothing actually spicy-hot, so order curries and such with no fear.
Some vegetarian options but it is not immediately clear which are vegan.

Roti Canai ($5) flaky pan-fried Malaysian flatbread with a side of either lentil curry or chicken curry for dipping
  • Very salty chicken curry (with no chicken chunks -- which is normal), but this was probably a fluke as someone who had been to Tangent Café before said her curry that time wasn't quite so salty.
  • Lentil curry was very thick, almost like a paste. Easier to scoop this up onto your roti with a fork.
  • Two discs of really decent roti canai that came fresh. Very flaky and still chewy-fun.
  • Portion is a bit light compared to other places that serve this, such as Banana Leaf. For a really decent one with very good portions at a good price, get the 2-piece roti prata at Amay's House.
Beef Rendang ($14) beef slow-cooked in a spicy curry & finished with coconut milk
  • Pale-looking curry with basically no spicy heat. Tasty-spicy, but not hot spicy, which means it is not as rich as it could be if you've had it done with no-holds barred spicy-hot authenticity.
  • OK portion with a bowl of rice and a portion of sambal green beans, making it a decently sized meal.
Amaretto-Banana Flambé Roti ($6) with vanilla ice-cream
  • Totally NOT what we thought it would be, especially given the name. Maybe it was flamed in the kitchen (big MAYBE), but there was definitely no fire at the table.
  • Banana (and presumably the amaretto as well) was wrapped in roti like a fat spring roll which looked like it was nicely deep fried into a moderate brown colour.
  • Pretty tasty.
  • Price for portion is slightly low, combined with expectations set too high for a table show involving fire.
  • Came with a few grapes and some strawberry.
On Thursdays and Sundays there is live entertainment. We went on a Thursday and it was packed even before the live jazz at 8.30pm, though patio seats were probably more available. You can hear the music well enough from the outside, plus you have the benefit of being more able to hear what the rest of your dinner party is trying to tell you.

Larger parties (6+?) should make a reservation. Apparently for smaller parties, no reservations are taken.

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