Thursday, July 16, 2015

More overpriced Ice Cream - Earnest Ice Cream

Click to add a blog post for Earnest Ice Cream on Zomato With a lineup out the door, it's gotta be good right?

Maybe after my recent experiences at Soft Peaks and Marble Slab Creamery, Earnest Ice Cream just starts to taste and look like another overpriced place -- if you are not prepared.
It is still overpriced compared to what you can get in a supermarket, so I will really need to stop getting dragged to these places.

The good: They have vegan options. Usually a sorbet. The Coconut Lime was really decent. Just not at $5 for a scoop.

The bad: Ice cream tastes like ice cream. Guess what: "Tahitian Vanilla" tastes like... vanilla ice cream. Who'd have thought?

The TIP: Get it in a bowl. Here's why:
  • They still give you the cone. Probably they scoop it into a cone and then invert it into your bowl. For some reason they don't always mention this. It was offered me (at no extra charge) but my friend didn't get the same offer (why?).
  • You get a spoon. Great for sharing. Steal another spoon from the bowl of tasting spoons so you can share with your friend.
  • If you get two scoops, it's easier to share if they are in a bowl, rather than licking from the same cone (ick!). Why would you want two scoops? Well...
  • One scoop is $5. Two is $7. Go with a friend and each scoop is only $3.50. Yeah, going to Earnest Ice Cream is really lousy if you are single. A very clear example of how the food world discriminates against singles.


  1. Excellent point about the one vs two scoops option. But next time you are dragged there or want a better deal, ask for the kid's cone. It's a buck less and plenty big. Also try the outlet by the Olympic Village. I prefer it.

  2. Oh and be sure to sample the milk chocolate flavour. It is the best one they have, superior to the much vaunted salted caramel IMO. Better mouth feel and an intriguing savouriness.