Saturday, May 16, 2015

Don't get just chocolate at Soft Peaks Ice Cream

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Nice clean hospital-white space with additional bar and communal seating upstairs. The space that is Soft Peaks Ice Cream in Gastown is functional and refreshingly simple.

For over $5 you get a Starbucks "tall" sized cup of soft ice cream with stuff in it. It's woven into your cup with the toppings, so theoretically every spoonful has some topping.

It's hard not to like soft serve ice cream + toppings, but whether you like Soft Peaks or not will depend on how much you value the toppings (and the "invisible" organic-Kosher-everything). So if you are mentally comparing it to a McDonalds McFlurry or a Dairy Queen Blizzard, you are in trouble already.

Whether you go willingly or not, do not just get an "Original Peak" (no toppings) or "Mudslide" (Tim Tam flakes and chocolate syrup) since you might as well go to the "golden arches" for that and probably get more pounds for your pennies. What McD's and DQ does NOT have are Yuzu marmalade and Himalayan pink salt and other fancy stuff, which may make you feel your soft peaks sundae is worth around $6.

(Yeah, yours truly got the Mudslide. And afterwards I thought, "Why didn't I just go to McDonalds?")

UPDATE: (2015-Aug-8) - Sunrise in California ($6.50 regular size) Sweet and sour Yuzu marmalade on our signature twist.
  • "Sweet and sour Yuzu marmalade" tasted quite BITTER. WTH? Where's my sweet and sour?

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