Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hippie Snacks - Coconut Bacon Chips

Thanks to SocialNature, I got to try a free packet of Hippie Snacks -- their "Coconut Bacon" flavour. There's actually no bacon here as it is vegan-friendly (and organic).

Even the vegan-friendly part is not absolutely strict, as there is a warning: "This product may contain sesame, milk, soy and tree nuts." (And this particular product does in fact contain soy in their tamari soy sauce.) But unless you are fanatically vegan, this industry standard-issue cover-our-ass used-by-all-companies catch-all disclaimer will probably not bug you.

Also comes with a moisture-absorbing pack of silica gel.

The good: It's tasty. Which is basically the main reason to buy any snack. I wouldn't say it's very bacony, but the "natural smoke flavour" certainly helps.

Neutral: It's a bit salty from special "Himalayan crystal salt", but that's little different from most savoury snacks. Bag has a resealable strip, but there's not a lot of chip to begin with (56 grams) so you may use it up in one sitting unless you are being careful about your sodium intake.
If you put enough in your mouth at one time, you may get a mild peppery burn at the back of your mouth, but no actual spicy heat.

The bad: It's hard to eat because the chips range from small to tiny. If you are hoping to reduce mess on your hands, it's hard to avoid by pinching with just your forefinger and thumb (which you generally can do with bigger chips).
That said, the online product information does suggest it good for sprinkling over salad or dessert, and likely that is a very convenient use. Failing that, get yourself a spoon. The bag itself isn't particularly conducive to pouring out any remainder straight into your mouth.

2015-Jul-16 Hippie Snacks (inside)
2015-Jul-16 Hippie Snacks - coconut chips (front)
2015-Jul-16 Hippie Snacks - coconut chips (back)

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