Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chicken from Hell at Malay Curry House

Click to add a blog post for Malay Curry House on Zomato Slightly tricky hours: Closed between 3pm and 5pm. Minimal staff at lunch so table clearing might be a bit slow.
Seating is generously spacious. CASH ONLY.

Malaysian Roti ($3.50) with Satay Sauce or Curry Sauce
  • Satay sauce is not very peanut-ty.
  • Curry sauce is tasty! Slightly sweet and slightly spicy-hot at the same time. Also quite thick so easy to spoon onto your roti -- IF you had a spoon.
  • TIP: Ask for a small spoon when you order.
  • Strange: We had two orders of roti go in at the same time but one order came very late. Hmm...
  • The roti portion is quite large for $3.50. Looked like two 5"x5" squares, which is slightly more than what you get at Tangent Cafe for $5. Roti was slightly inferior (less flaky) to Tangent Café but taste was okay and the overall order was much cheaper for comparable portions.
Hainanese Chicken From Hell ($8.95 for quarter chicken)
  • With a name like that, obviously I had to order it.
  • On the take-out menu this is "Super Spicy Boneless Hainanese Chicken".
  • Decent amount of chicken, sitting on some bean sprouts.
  • Drowning in sauce. There was so much sauce in that shallow dish that it was literally overflowing onto the plastic canteen tray below (good thing for that tray!). TIP: Make it into a meal-to-share by ordering rice. Otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of this tasty sauce.
  • Chilli flakes had been liberally sprinkled over the whole thing.
  • You can have this basically as hot as you dare by heaping on more sauce and chilli flakes, or scraping it off. Chilli or not, there is an underlying sweetness to the sauce.
  • Tender chicken. Oh so tender chicken.
  • Portion for their "quarter chicken" looked comparable to a half order of Hainanese Chicken from Banana Leaf, at half the cost.
  • Also came with a bowl of presumably Hainanese Chicken broth, which was only so-so in chicken-y flavour.
Unassuming place with tasty food and very good portion for price. Top marks. Also check out their ASIANTV award plaque on the front counter.

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