Thursday, May 21, 2009

Intimate Get-Together at Sip Resto Lounge

Took time out from working on more screenshots (from Dungeon Siege II, to add to my website, The Fantasy Art of Computer Games) tonight to meet up with Yourah at her Young and Adventurous Social Group meet-up at Sip Resto Lounge. We went in just after 7pm, and the place would have been dead if not for a Persian business networking group that grew in size steadily till close to 10pm. They had a photographer nosing about taking shots of the beautiful people, and ubiquitous socialite Francis Hui also made an appearance, which could only mean that this was a big deal.

If you don't already know, all the menu items use booze of some kind. I ordered the beer-battered fries to share, and it came with a generous amount of dip. Very crispy, a little spicy (but not hot) kick to it. No beer flavour, though -- The beer evaporates during the cooking, and is used to make the batter crispier. Definitely not greasy at all, and, like all fries, best when hot. Good fries, but I thought it was a smallish portion for $8.

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