Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Chow at Third Tuesday

Went to my very first Third Tuesday Vancouver Meetup put on by NetChick (Tanya Davis) today. The speaker was none other than John Chow -- the John Chow, the blogger Google hates, the blogger who makes $40,000 a month. It was at Republic (958 Granville), and best of all, it was completely free to attend! Check out Third Tuesday Vancouver regularly for more free-to-attend events local to Vancouver (or the Lower Mainland), BC, Canada.

At the talk, John Chow presented the fundamental paradigm shift necessary to have all three of time freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom. What I took away from that talk was a reminder of Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad:
  • Buy Assets, where Assets are defined as things that make you money without effort from you.
  • Use Time to Create Leverage, instead of trying to do it all yourself, or trading time for money (i.e., working at a job).

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