Thursday, May 28, 2009

Restaurant recommendations -- Order your own thing

Last time I went dining out on a recommendation was based on a newspaper column. Some kind of latin bakery that sold lots of desserts, but also these supposedly authentic Mexican sandwiches with fresh bread, slices of beef, mayo, and green beans. Sounded bleah, but the reviewer said the combo worked, so I gave it a go. It was bleah (her recommendation for the 3-milk cake turned out fab, though).

Cut to today: My friend Lina recommended La Bretegne Creperie. Said she had the apple, cinnamon, cheese, and sausage crepe and thought it was fab. It was a nice little restaurant, just off busy Robson on subdued Jervis, opposite the Pacific Palisades hotel and a bit squashed between louder storefronts, so you might easily miss it when you walk by. Very friendly and attentive staff when I was there, hours after the lunch crowd and still a couple of hours before any kind of dinner rush from the end of the work day.

I ordered the apple, cinnamon, cheese, and sausage crepe (from the Savoury menu). It was bleah.

Still, it comes highly recommended with thumbs up from many reviewers at DineHere and Yelp, some trumping it over Granville Street's Cafe Crepe, so if you know how to properly evaluate a crepe, you might want to try it out -- Just remember to order what you think you'd like, and not rely on what someone else liked.

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