Thursday, May 28, 2009

The St. Regis Bar and Grill has a downstairs meeting space

Attended the Vancouver Blogger Meetup tonight at the St. Regis Bar and Grill, with a panel of local well-knowns (Shane Gibson, Raul Pacheco, Raincoaster) talking about social media etiquette and such.

No summary here -- You sort of had to be there to try to make sense of the chaotic conversation and pick out what was relevant for you. Best if you had a question and asked them about what you wanted to know, which someone did at the end, about how to gauge how much time a business should be spend building relationships in social media. Gibson answered it best -- Measure results and compare time and returns (business gained from it) with your other advertising efforts (expect to put in start-up effort of course).

Most curious to me was how a few people professed to not have known of the existence of this lower-floor meeting space, even though they'd been to the street-level St. Regis bar plenty enough times. This "Regis Room" has pictures of historic Vancouver, the kitchen entrance, a big-screen TV, and a small sink/kitchen one one corner. Pretty quiet upstairs for 6pm when we were there, so there wasn't a disruptive stream of comings and goings from the kitchen.

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