Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bloggapedia wants to Pay for your Blog!

Once upon a time, I listed my Fantasy Art Blog with Bloggapedia, and more or less forgot about it. Today, I got an e-mail from same...

2009-June-9 Bloggapedia Syndication Message

When I signed up for it, there was this blurb further explaining the process:

What is syndication and what does it mean for me and my blog?

Essentially, it means there are websites out there that would like to offer your blog content for download on devices like smartphones and e-readers, for a small fee. Because these websites are looking for the best of the best in blog content, they've partnered with Bloggapedia If you choose to allow us to syndicate your blog you'll receive a 30% royalty on the profit from the syndication of your blog once the submission of your blog listing is approved.

Whenever someone downloads your blog content onto their device via Bloggapedia's syndication service, we'll pass on 30% of Bloggapedia's revenue from that sale to you! Payments are made quarterly; minimum payout $25. Funds will accrue in your account until the minimum payout amount is reached.

If you're curious about it, definitely check out Bloggapedia!

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