Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poutine and Chocolate Cake

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Thursday's my day off, and I decided I'd duck out before the evening rush to try that poutine from the Templeton) (huh?).
If you do go either don't order any other entree, or bring a friend, because for a measly $7, you do get a full meal worth of poutine. It didn't taste particularly mushroomy, but it was savory, spiced, fries started off crispy, and there was a generous amount of gravy (so eat the soggy fries first, and save the crispy ones for scooping up leftover gravy). The gravy's a bit salty on its own, so water's recommended.
The server initially asked if I wanted tomato sauce on my fries -- I didn't try this, but you may want to. I don't know if I'll get in enough Grouse Grind time (now Smoke-Free, by the way) to justify another serving of so much poutine.
So, was it "addictive" as reviewed by Vancouver Magazine's October 2008 issue (101 Things to Taste Before You Die)? Nah. If anything, perhaps they could make it into a small plate for half the price and portion. Makes a good snack or small sharing plate. I do find potatoes with lots of cheese on it to feel heavy, but that's just my preference.

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Right after, I hopped on the 44 at Burrard and Nelson to head for the Topanga Cafe (2904 West 4th Avenue, 603.733.3713) for #32 on the list of 101 Things to Taste Before You Die.
If you're going there for the first time to try their chocolate cake, you might do a double take when you walk in. But just so you know, yes, they're a Mexican food outfit. There's a menu on a stand just inside the door, but it doesn't include the tiny dessert menu. (And the website menu's old -- there are more than 2 types of cake now).
For $3.75, you get a heavy, moist cake that's quite crumbly. Rather sweet chocolate cream. Any denser and moister, and it'd be a brownie. It's simple yet good. Not sure I'd rank it a must-taste-before-the-electric chair, but you can't go wrong with a slice to share after your meal.

It's still bl**dy hot out there. Try to avoid rush hour if you're taking transit.


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