Monday, September 7, 2009

Does Canada have the most inconvenient banking policies?

I tried to close my HSBC internet banking account tonight. After all, every single time I went to the website, it indicated that "internet banking is currently unavailable". It had been this way for so long that I discovered the account to actually have become dormant.

Could they close the account right away? No. They wanted me to reactivate it first.
Okay, no problem.

Could they reactivate it for me? No. It had to go to the supervisor, and presumably the next business day.
Okay, no problem.

Could they have an instruction on my account to reactivate it? No. They needed me to fax in my name and signature. This, after I had verified my identity over the phone. And I wouldn't even have had to do this if the account were still active.
Okay, fine.

How do I get my money out? Could they transfer it to another institution? No. ATM (which won't give me any residual amount that was less than $20) or bank draft. Which would cost me $6.50.

$6.50 is probably more interest than they've ever given me in the history of having this account.

Okay, whatever.

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