Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheap Eats Continue - Frozen Pizza

Hi Everyone!

Months ago I wrote about "frozen pizza wars" between Superstore and Save-on-Foods, with Kraft Delissio pizza being sold at under $5. Well, super-cheap pizza is back!
This weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun), Save-On-Foods at Metrotown is offering Kraft Delissio at $2.20 off their regular price -- $4.79! Limit 2 per person, and there's typically a wide selection unless the rush is over and the shelves are more or less bare.
If you hunt around a bit, you will also probably be able to find thin-crust versions of each pizza. Handy if you're on a carb-conscious / crust-conscious diet.

What with the HST in place and prices going up in various ways, thank God for cheap, delicious, pizza!


  1. Thanks for the tip! Kraft Delissio pizza is the best and that HST thing is really a bummer! I know lots of people are heading down south, over the border to do their grocery shopping because it is so much cheaper! Plus, starting July 1, Washington State will be reimbursing Canadians for GST paid on purchases. Hopefully, local prices will quickly adjust to the new HST :).

  2. Hi AmusingSpectacle,

    I had heard about the Washington State tax deal. I expect that it'll be useful only for bulk purchases, what with the commute plus gas for the car plus idling time (plus stewing in your juices in the summer sun).
    As you say, hopefully local prices will adjust to the HST soon, although I suppose that might take a while.