Monday, July 19, 2010

Even more pizza stuff...

Alrighty! The Save-On-Foods Delissio pizza weekend was last week, and here's the fallout:
  1. My mom liked the rising crust chicken-meat ones (something about the mix of spices, I think), and they were still as they were. (Hawaiian? meh...) However, she also got all carb-conscious on me and wanted thin-crust. Three kinds were available, and sad to say, toppings were skimpy (it always looks better in ad copy...). Half the weight, less toppings, but same price. You figure it out. Delissio, formerly owned by Kraft, is now owned by Nestle, apparently. Change in management -> reduction in toppings? (-_-;)
  2. There was also frozen pork tenderloin at $1.99/pound. I saw some seniors really raking these in. It didn't look like many people bought them, but when they did, they hauled home 10+ packs! They aren't afraid of cooking, I guess. (^_^)
  3. My sister popped by just yesterday (Saturday July 17th) and brought over frozen Costco pepperoni pizza. Yes, you have to be a member (or at least just one person you know needs to be a member), and no, not everything at Costco is cheap. But the pizza was SUPER cheap! $21 for 2 packs x 3 pizzas per pack = $3.50 per pizza! Same size as the frozen pizzas in Superstore and Save-On-Foods, but over a dollar less. It was pretty tasty, so naturally it scores a D- for nutrition. (^_^)

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