Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lady Daisey and Batsauce -- FREE Concert at Capones Restaurant

Sometimes it really pays to accept some advertising. Way back when, Capones had a do to rustle up some business via social media with a pre-re-opening event for Vancouver Tweeters. I was into the Twitter scene then and attended, and ended up signing up for their e-mail newsletter. They haven't flooded me with stuff, but there were definitely a few each season, with such interesting offers as half-price pizza nights.

Lady Daisey Tour 2010
The latest to hit my inbox was free tickets (probably for estimated headcount and/or crowd control on event night) to an in-house concert by touring indie soul-music songstress Lady Daisey (of course also on Myspace).

You can hear extended samples of her astonishingly catchy feel-good fuzzy-warm tunes on her website.

Not to say local jazz talent is second-rate, but this lady is a cut above.

It's absolutely amazing what comes by free nowadays.

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010.
Capones Restaurant and Live Jazz Club
No cover change.
Call for tickets/reservations at 604-569-1770 or reserve online.

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