Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet sexxci_horny and friends

Here's another Craigslist Personals scammer who sends mail to men posting on the man-looking-for-women section of Craigslist Personals.

I know for sure the person behind the originating e-mail ( is running a scam because they say I "don't look like the sort of man that would do anything bad" -- except I haven't sent them a picture!

If you follow the link to the website they've sent (, be sure to scroll down and read the "fine print"...


Her E-mail #1

We are extremely attractive and I'm searching for an older man to obtain fun with these days

My reply (no picture sent):

I'm sure you're both extremely attractive ... but how old are you? Send me a picture if you've got one.

Hoping you're of legal age,

Her E-mail #2

Hello there! :)

Cool, sounds wonderful! :) Let's hook up at either my or your place, we have fun for a while and then go our opposite directions? If we get the itch again we can hook up for some more - but that's all I am looking for.

I registered to a dating site that I hope we can stay in contact on, It's basically just so I feel safer about hooking up with you, its completely free, I signed up months ago and never had to pay anything, its different than all those other places! You don't look like the sort of man that would do anything bad, but these days you can't be too careful you know? Just wanna make sure we both have safe fun :)

Once you get verified you will see my cell number :) Please call/txt me then so we can decide when to meet? My username is sexxci_horny if you can't find me, I'm thinking tomorrow would be best to have some fun, although I wouldn't mind right now either :D

Oh and I live downtown :) Looking forward to hearing from you.

ttyl :)

ejkeliu4aviola9c_hotmail_com picture 1

Honestly, the pictures look great and like "real people". In the last photo below, her friends do look like classy, chic, downtown Vancouver gals! ("sexxci_horny" is the only one with a slightly creepy predatory look).
It's possible that these pictures were stolen off someone's Facebook account before they locked it down to show pictures only to friends. Or, it may be her actual photographs. Who knows?

ejkeliu4aviola9c_hotmail_com picture 2

ejkeliu4aviola9c_hotmail_com picture 3

E-mails with similar opening lines were also received from the following:

from : We are extremely attractive and We are looking for an older gentleman to own enjoyment with right now

from : We are really interesting and I'm searching for an older gentleman to own entertaining with today


  1. Lmao I got the same e-mail

  2. so did i and all the pics to

  3. hey, bud you are right I live in Massachusetts, USA and I got the same thing. Also, the same photos and the directions to register myself so she could feel "safe". It is a SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT.

    Thanks a bunch for keeping us all posted.

    1. you really expect us to just believe you "anonymous"?