Sunday, September 12, 2010

Craiglist Scam - Am in Search Of serious relationship - 26

E-mail #1 from Tammy Me Tammy ( - and yes, she did put it all in one massive paragraph with lousy punctuation and no capitalization.
Hello Simon,

Thanks for getting back to me. . . . anyway here is a Little about me, i am a missionary i work for my church,well what i basically do is to minister to the poor the less privilege and also those living with HIV and Aids preaching to them about the love and mercies of the lord God , i also visit motherless baby homes preaching to them about the love of God and his blessings and promises for us i also try to encourage them telling them not to give up on life .That is about what i do. I know now you will be wondering how come about this whole thing,well i started this at the age of 20 but it all happened when there was no one for me well i lost mom at the age of 3 dad left us when i was 10years old so after i lost mom there was no one out there for me, moms friend came along to my rescue, she took me with her to United Kingdom where she lives and started teaching me about the love of God and the reason why i have to worship the lord in all i do so by the age of 20 i started ministering at the age of 22 and i started travelling ministering to people about the love of God that was how i heard the call and i am happy that i did it.not that i dint have a bad side.... we all do have our bad sides. and bad things that we do and would like to pray for forgiveness The reason why i emailed you is because this is going to be my last missionary Work and i would love to meet the man of my heart desires.. i don't mind relocating for my love one ,that is ,if i get to meet him So this is the intention i have before checking the CL ads.I have travel led to some countries ministering about God presently i am in a country in Asia doing the lords work,the country called cambodia .A Rural area..but i will soon back to canada When ever am Needed... i stay with my Grand Mother in vancouver, Mostly in a relationship is LOVE that is all that matters that is why i have decided to build my relationship on some key words LOVE TRUST FAITH HONESTY and DEDICATION those are the key words to a relation which and lastly COMMUNICATION which is a strong factor .What matters mostly in relationship is Love and nothing more.Well this is all i want you to know now as i will be expecting to hear from you as per what you feel now ,so we know if there is anything for the both of us . Waiting patiently to hear from you.We ll have our own beliefs you know but love oversea all till i hear from you Grace and Peace.

Tammy Me Tammy

I searched for her story and found it at another site that lists scam profiles. Turns out she's been doing it for a while, and sometimes with different pictures.


  1. Thanks for the heads up man.

    She is posting on CL again. This is the second or the third email that we exchanged together, and something in the back of my mind was bothering me about her, so I did a little google and ended up here.

    You are a life saver man, again, thanks.

  2. LOL Thanks dude, I knew this bitch was fishy, I've been talking with her for a while and I could just feel she was fake or a scam I did a little search and bang here I'am.
    I've been sending her some really, and I mean REALLY sick emails, and with each and every one I've been slipping in worm here a virese there. and almost have her pinned down to what street she is sending this shit from. To any that were taken by her... I'll make sure she doesn't get to do it again!!! Cheers

  3. Be careful. Received the same email with different pictures and flagged it right away. email:

  4. Yeah, extremely odd, and the bad english was something that left me wondering all the time. I just found out after talking with her maybe less than a wk. Basically all "her" e-mails were copied from these scam things!

    I got the same pic too.

    Just sent "her" a bunch of links about scam. hahaha. BUSSTEEEDDD.

    Too bad, I guess it is too good to be true. :(