Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet Amber / NewlyFreeAgain, who's 51!

Curiously enough, Craigslist scammer "Amber" forgot that she never sent me a link. Probably got confused while doing mass cut-and-past.
The link she does send in her second e-mail, to, redirects to AmateurMatch, where her profile says she is Age 51! Possibly to fly under radar there so that she won't come up on a search by legitimate users.

E-mail #1 from
you need to be d/d free with the exception of 420

E-mail #2 from Amber (
Hey I still have not heard from you on that other site..... I am still interested in hooking up, but I still want to be secure about it.
Can you please get in touch with me on this site I am on the web right now so if you like what you see, we are able to definitely take this a step further tonight or tomorrow.


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  1. Got the same 2nd e-mail on 10/5/2010. didn't follow up.