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Taste of Yaletown 2010 - Milestones

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Go with a buddy.
When I was there earlier tonight, the in-restaurant menu reads one appetizer TO BE SHARED between two people. We also got just the one apple crisp TO SHARE. The bill was still $25 per person, so it's ONE appy, two entrées, ONE dessert for $50.

I just got back from Milestones, and I immediately checked the menu online again. As of 2122h, October 19th, 2010, the menu still doesn't say anything about sharing:

2010 Taste of Yaletown Menu
$25.00 per person (excludes taxes, gratuities and alcohol)
Yummy Yam Fries
Yam frites cooked to order and served with specialty mayo
Crispy Honey Phyllo Shrimp
Crispy coated shrimp lightly fried & served with our honey chipotle glaze for dipping
Milestone’s Famous Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Creamy spinach dip with artichoke hearts & imported Italian cheeses. Served with sour cream, fresh cut
salsa and warm red tortilla chips
Roasted Garlic Caesar
House made ciabatta croutons, Reggiano cheese and our signature Caesar dressing.
Topped with shaved Asiago and roasted garlic
Baked Goat Cheese & Slow- Roasted Garlic Flat bread Plate
Warm flatbread, roasted garlic, spiced cranberry relish, roasted corn and onion salsa,
fresh papaya and roasted red pepper salsa

Grilled Mediterranean Chicken
Grilled skinless chicken breast, layered with goat cheese, on a bed of Asian greens, chickpeas, roasted
grape tomatoes, and pomegranate molasses.
Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin
With a trio of signature steak sauces, house made Worcestershire, Kobe mustard & Gaucho sauce
California Spring Salad
Baby greens, mild goat cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, red onions, spicy glazed pecans with your choice
of grilled chicken breast or fire-grilled shrimp skewer.
Grilled Sweet Soy Salmon
Our Wild Pacific Coho salmon grilled, then brushed with sweet soy sesame glaze. Served with seasonal
vegetables and jasmine rice topped with infused basil oil and cilantro
Cajun Shrimp Diane
Sautéed Louisiana style shrimp, scallions and roasted mushrooms in a lightly spiced garlic sauce with
Reggiano cheese. Served with seasonal vegetables and jasmine rice
topped with infused basil oil and cilantro

Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp
Slivered apples stewed with brown sugar, ginger & spices, topped with premium vanilla gelato
buttery caramel and walnut crumble

(cut and pasted from the PDF).

For the appetizer, we settled on the supposedly signature spinach and artichoke dip. Typically the recipe for this comes out a bit tangy and sour, but the Milestones version is slightly hot -- not enough to be spicy, but just enough to have a bit of a brief bite each time to whet your appetite -- and comes with some salsa on the side. If you aren't skimpy with the amount of dip per chip, there was just enough tortilla chips to clear the entire dish of dip.

It's tasty, and although it was just the one appetizer to share, the portion was fair for two at the price it works out to.

For the entree, my companion chose the salmon. It sounded boring, and looked boring on the plate. The one excellent aspect to it, however, was that the salmon was very moist. Salmon can often come out dry and wooden, but not so here.

I chose the salad for its intriguing mix of ingredients, and was not disappointed. It looks big, but the salad is fluffed by tossing and has volume. Wet, and maybe a slightly bit heavy on the vinegar for my personal taste, but the mix of flavours, with strawberries, cheese, nuts, and chicken (or prawns if you preferred) kept every bite different. If the other items sound boring, go with the salad!

There were two choices for dessert (although only one was listed on the Taste of Yaletown PDF). We went with the apple crisp, and it came still slightly hot, so apparently it was prepared fresh. The dessert was definitely sized for one, but it was so sweet that a couple of bites would do you just fine.

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