Sunday, December 19, 2010

Celebrity Cruises Alaskan Inside Passage 2000 memoirs part 1

Continuing my "spring cleaning" in preparation for finally moving out, I found some really old pictures sent to me around January 2001.

They were from "Georgia O'Brien and Katherine Prasser" (right and left, respectively, in the picture below... I think), as part of a New Years card in response to a Christmas card I'd sent them in 2000, presumably.

Georgia O'Brien (right), Katherine Prasser (?)

I think it was around September of 2000 that I took an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise on the Celebrity Cruises ship "Galaxy" (subsequently sold and remodelled, apparently).
I didn't take a camera, reading material, or writing material. I had wanted to force myself to immerse into the holiday, with no retreating into any sort of do-nothing activity that I could otherwise do at home.

I was still very much single at the time, and took the trip alone. Paid the horrific single supplement, too!

As I recall, we were practically the last ship headed up and down the Passage, and we had remarkably clear weather all the way.

There was an art auction on board, and I recall speaking with one of the reps late in the cruise about how they were doing. It turned out they were having one of their worst cruises. Apparently, over half the passengers had gotten tickets on the cheap through last-minute deals -- which meant they weren't the type to shell out for pricey art.

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