Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrity Cruises Alaskan Inside Passage 2000 memoirs part 2

Around September 2000 I took an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise on the Celebrity Cruises ship "Galaxy". I didn't bring a camera, but I did eventually receive a few pictures from someone I briefly corresponded with from the cruise.

Celebrity Cruises - Alaska - 2000 - 04

Celebrity Cruises - Alaska - 2000 - 03

These pictures show our servers on the fixed seating dinners. I'm fairly certain that this was my second set of wait staff.

I found my first table assignment really awkward as it was all couples except myself. Moreover, I had the distinct impression that the gentleman in one of the couples was a bit perturbed by how chatty his wife was with me. There wasn't anything going on, of course, but the whole thing was just so awkward that I ended up asking for a table change.

I do remember one particularly interesting conversation with that couple: It turned out that the missus claimed to have run over just about every type of road kill animal you can think off -- squirrel, rabbit, deer -- she'd done it all. As they were scheduled for whale watching the next day, I recommended she not be allowed to take the helm on the sightseeing boat.

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