Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hardware keeps getting cheaper.

Now that CIBC VISA has switched to (optional) online statements that can go back several years, I was reminded to dredge out all the old VISA statements I had kept -- Yes, every time I get my statement, I painstakingly match up all the receipts to make sure nothing funny is going on.

With the online statements, though, I'm now shredding some of the really old statements I guess I hadn't gotten around to getting rid of.

Came across an old invoice from, for a Lexar Media 512MB USB 2.0 Jump Drive. I bought it in 2004. Still have it and it works fine.

Nowadays, you can get a 64 Gigabyte Flash Drive for about $200.

Way back when, that 512 Megabyte Flash Drive cost me $205.99. Holy moly!

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